Kraftvoll 12V 220Ah (20Hr) Vrla Deep Cycle Jel Akü (522x239x222mm)

15.074,93TL 20.099,90TL
Vergiler Hariç: 12.562,44TL
Marka: Kraftvoll
Stok Kodu: 10916
Stok Durumu Stokta Var
Garanti Süresi 24 Ay
Liste Fiyat 503,00Dolar +KDV

Marin - Araç Aküleri.: Kraftvoll 12V 220Ah (20Hr) Vrla Deep Cycle Jel Akü (522x239x222mm)

Kraftvoll 12V 220Ah (20Hr) Vrla Deep Cycle Jel Akü (522x239x222mm)

Ölçüleri= 522x239x222mm

Energy Storage Battery

1.Adopting low-Calcium & high-Tin alloy grid, high anti-corrosive performance, low battery gas evolution;

2.With special lead paste formula, our batteries have good endurance cycle capability and charging acceptance and good recovery performance after deep cycle use;

3.The fumed silica that is adopted as the key raw material of gel electrolyte is produced in germany;

4.Batteries have long service life, good deep discharging cycle capability;

5.Gel batteries have better heat dissipation than AGM sealed batteries, reduced the possibility of thermal runaway;

6.The self-discharge of gel batteries is less than 1%/month;

7.The electrolyte inside battery equally distributed has no layering phenomenonand the electrolyte is not readily to dry up;

8.Battery producing adopts high purity raw material, advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure battery performance stability and consistency;

9.Battery electrolyte contains silica sol, so no dissociative acid or layering phenomenon inside, ensure the good low temperature performance and service life of batteries;

10.Battery design life of standby use at 25℃ is over 10 years.

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